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What I do:


Psychotherapy with a mix of the following depending on your individual needs: relational psychotherapy; Internal Family Systems (IFS); Stress Reduction Techniques; Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy; EMDR.







  • with adolescents aged 13 and older

  • with adults


Couples and Dyads:


  • traditional and non-traditional couples

  • roommate and friendship dyads


Family Therapy Meetings:


  • in the context of an individual therapy with an adolescent as well as the context of divorce counseling



Specialties and Areas of Expertise:


  • the particular stresses of the adolescent and young adult years, including family stress, identity and becoming more independent, how to handle the stress of everyday life


  • Psychological trauma: including acute stress; issues related to childhood physical and sexual abuse and neglect; complex developmental trauma

  • Bereavement and grief, particularly the loss of a sibling or parent while a teen or young adult and having a chronically ill family member

  • LBGTQ and coming out issues in adolescence/young adulthood

  • Divorce and its impact; divorce counseling, which can be in conjuction with the divorce mediation process

  • Self-injury/cutting; eating disorders and body image issues; anger issues

  • persistent changes in mood; depression; anxiety; panic attacks; sexual concerns; low self-esteem; parenting concerns; blended family issues; life transitions

  • Increasing your wellness and facing the resistance to being healthy





I do psychotherapy supervision and consultations with therapists and clients who have questions/concerns about their work together.







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